My Goal is for your dog to walk out feeling good, smelling good and looking good. All of the products that I use are natural products with no harmful chemicals. Many people wish to know estimated times for the grooming service. It varies from dog to dog. I feel it is important to take a steady pace — especially with nervous dogs so they can enjoy the experience. I’ll take breaks if needed and give lots of cuddles and attention.

Clipping times can be between 1-2 hours, and I am able to carry out different styles of clipping to suit my clients needs.

I carry out a quick coat assessment to identify just the right shampoo, conditioner and techniques which will provide the absolute best results for your dog.

I have a secure garden area should nature call and your dog needs to go to the toilet.

I offer a complete one to one service for your dog which includes:


As long or as short as you would like.


  Including a nice massage.

Hand Drying

No cage dryers used on your pooches.

Nail Care

Trimmed to just the right length.


Reaching those essential parts.


Ears cleaned and plucked if required.

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